I'm Jacob. I'm 21. I live for music, drum corps, and performance and how inspirational it can be. I believe that living a positive life is living a prosperous one. Ask, express, or share your life with me! Its why I'm here.
Carolina Crown '10,'11,'13

First show tonight!!! bubblyamby

First show tonight at Greendale, WI! Who’s gonna be there?

Day 3: I got a label here pretty quickly.
Day 2: Meant to put this up last night but this is the new baby! It’s heavier than it looks…
Day 1: A great day in Chicago getting to know some great people. This Midwest tour is going to be awesome.
Bae was sleeping so peacefully the whole way. 😴

Hour til boarding. Then to JFK. Then to Chicago. Then to Blue Devils B. Let the age out season commence.

Gotta wish a special happy birthday to my little sister and bro talk buddy @megannnd3. You’re doing great things on the field and I can’t wait to see you at finals!!